Whole30 Reflections

by: Marcus Taylor
So last Thursday my wife and I (#TeamTaylor) finished our Whole30. As some of you know, it has its ups and downs. We had moments where we wanted to kill each other because we craved some sugar, didn’t know what to cook, got tired of what we were eating, etc. Two weeks into it we sort of fell in line with the program. We made meals that we could take for lunch as well as have for dinner. We found meals that were just as good as their “non-paleo” counterparts and cooked those often. Socially, we still went out with friends and had fun but didn’t succum to binge drinking or fatty foods.
Just to add a little background…My wife, Shavonn, and I just got married in September. One great piece of advice I got from a close friend was to “have a family project”. To find a goal and accomplish it with your new spouse. This will help to build your marriage and continue to strengthen your bond as a unit. Insert Whole30 for #TeamTaylor.
I actually appreciated the experience of cleansing my body and attaining a goal with my spouse. We both saw physical results (Me=9lb loss and Her=5lb loss) as well as emotionally bonded over this. We both needed each other and would not have been able to do this without one another. Shavonn and I feel great and are motivated to continue along this path. We are now going to an 80/20 (Paleo/Non-Paleo) rule when it comes to our diet. We feel that we have finished setting up the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle in which we will pass on to our future children.
My advice and tips for the Whole30…
1) Plan your weekly meals and pack them daily
2) Experiment with meals before you undertake the Whole30 challenge
3) Have a dedicated Whole30 partner or group (this will make you less likely to cheat)
4) Map out your cheat meals for the day you get off (you deserve it)

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