CFSS Fall Coat Drive!

The leaves are changing and temperatures are dropping. It’s only a matter of time until you walk out your front door and see your breath. You regret those mornings when you forget your jacket.
Now imagine if you didn’t have a jacket to forget.
CrossFit Silver Spring has decided it’s time we do our part to help keep our community warm by collecting coats/jackets during a coat drive! Collection starts today and will run through Thanksgiving.
We both know there are some extra coats in your closet you haven’t worn in months or years. What good are they doing anybody in there? Save yourself the space; put them to good use and donate them to someone in need!
All coats will go to a local shelter/charitable organization. We’re still finalizing which organization we’ll be donate the coats to, so if you have any suggestions please let us know! In the meantime, just bring your unused coats in and CFSS will do the rest. Our goal is to fill the back office with coats and we’re counting on you guys to make that a reality.
Now let’s see how many we can collect. Clean out your closet, go a good deed, and leave your coats with us! Thanks in advance for your support.

“Hughes” Hero WOD Fundraiser

Hero WOD Hughes
Brian Hughes was a Captain of the Arrowhead Interagency Hotshots Firefighters and tragically died on July 29, 2018, while battling the Ferguson Fire near Yosemite National park in California. Brian was 33 years old on his last day of duty and is survived by his parents, sister and fiancé Paige, who is 4 months pregnant with their first child.
Brian belonged to Gnardog CrossFit located in Reedley, CA , which is owned by a fellow Hotshot colleague, Adrian Encinia. The Arrowhead Hotshots crew are a tight knit group, and many of the teammates belong to Gnardog Crossfit. In order to honor Brian, Gnardog created the Hero WOD, “Hughes”:
33 Minutes:
1.5 Mile Med-ball Run
then, AMRAP
7 Kettlebell Swings
29 Double Unders
18 Burpee Box Jump
In the CrossFit community, Hero Workouts are named after fallen first responders and service members to honor their sacrifice. The reps, rounds, and duration of the various elements of the workout are often symbolic of the circumstances when the individual passed away. In the case of “Hughes”, Brian was 33 years old, had served 15 years as a firefighter, and passed away on the date 7/29/18. Gnardog and other CrossFit affiliates in California’s Central Valley are performing this workout in solidarity and more importantly collecting donations to send to Brian’s pregnant fiancé as a show of support and love.
CFSS will be performing this workout tomorrow, September 21st as our workout of the day. Let’s pack the gym out all day tomorrow and get after it remembrance of “Hughes”. We are asking everyone who participates for a suggested, voluntary donation of $10 / person or $20 / team to support Brian’s fiancé, Paige. Hope to see you all tomorrow!

2018 Cupid’s Undie Run Recap

This past Saturday, Team CFSS braved the cold and the rain to run victoriously through the streets of D.C. in our underwear for Cupid’s Undie Run ’18! Now that the dust has settled, here’s a quick rundown of our performance.
As a team, we were able to raise an amazing $18,124 this year in support of the Children’s Tumor Foundation, bringing our 5-year fundraising total to a whopping $78,619! For the second year in a row, we took home the Top Gym award, as well as #3 fundraising team in the DMV and #16 nationwide. In D.C. alone, Cupid’s runners have raised over $186,000 for this years race. These numbers are a testament to the unbelievable support and generosity of you, our CFSS family, as well as everyone else who supported this great cause. Thank you again to all of our runners for your efforts to spread awareness and raise money for research, and to all of our donors for your contributions.
If you missed out on this year’s event, don’t worry, there’s always next year! Keep an eye out for links to photos and videos from the race later this week.

Cupid’s Undie Run In-House Fundraiser!

2014 undie run JD & Marcos

JD & Marcos – Cupid’s Undie Run 2014. You’re Welcome!

In case you hadn’t heard, a large team of CFSS athletes will be stripping down to nothing but our underwear and running around the streets of DC Sunday February 15th in support of Cupid’s Undie Run and the Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF). Last year alone, Cupid’s raised over 2.8 million for this worthy cause. CTF helps kids battling a horrific disorder called neurofibromatosis (NF). It causes tumors to grow on the nervous system, which can lead to deafness, blindness, debilitating pain, etc. Since there are no current treatments, we’re doing our part (including braving the elements in nothing but our undies) to help them find a cure. As a group, we’ve all been working hard to raise money for these kids who desperately need our support over the past several months, but we need the support of the rest of the gym to help us get over the hump and help us reach our fundraising goal of $10,000.
While helping kids battling chronic disease is its own reward, this charity is of particular importance to CFSS because it was actually founded by one of our very own members, Brendan Hanrahan. We want to support the efforts of his foundation through their signature event, Cupid’s Undie Run, by reaching out to our social networks and fundraising as much as we can. While only 25 of us are currently signed up to do the run, you can all do your part to support the team and this great cause by going onto our Team page (click here!) and donating directly to one of our team members. A $25 donation is a great starting point; remember- all donations are tax-deductible, and you get all the benefits of giving back without having to freeze your butt off running around in the snow half-naked. Making a donation will ensure access to all the hilarious and surely embarrassing photos sure to be amassed from the event! Don’t delay, donate now and spread the word!
Additionally, we’ll be hosting an Undie Run inspired partner WOD this Saturday (Jan 24th) at 8, 9, and 10AM at the gym. We are encouraging a $10 cash donation for your participation, although it is by no means required. All proceeds raised on Saturday will be donated directly to Team CFSS & the CTF. We’d love to have a packed house; since this is a special workout, attendance will not count towards your monthly classes. Hope to see you all this Saturday!