Presidents Day Schedule!

Next Monday, 18 Feb, is Presidents Day. As such, we’ve got a modified holiday schedule outlined below. Plan accordingly!

8AM CrossFit WOD
12PM CrossFit WOD
430PM CrossFit WOD
530PM CrossFit WOD


MLK Day Schedule!

Next Monday, 21 Jan, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As such, we’ve got a modified holiday schedule outlined below. Plan accordingly!

8AM CrossFit WOD
12PM CrossFit WOD
430PM CrossFit WOD
530PM CrossFit WOD
630PM CrossFit Elements


Labor Day Weekend 2018 Schedule

Hey everyone, here’s our Labor Day Weekend class schedule so you can adjust your workout plans accordingly:

Friday 31 August – Normal Schedule
Saturday 1 September – 8AM WOD / 9AM WOD / 10AM Barbell Club
Sunday 2 September – Closed
Monday 3 September – 8AM Track Workout

Labor Day’s workout will be at Blair High School. Bring your running shoes and get your sweat on before commencing with aggressive rest and relaxation!

Lyttonsville Place Bridge Closure!

On June 18th the Lyttonsville Place Bridge will be closed to allow for construction of a replacement bridge by the Purple Line Transit Partners (PLTP). The construction of the new bridge is scheduled for six months, during which time the bridge will totally inaccessible until the project is fully completed.
Due to the heavy volume of traffic that passes through Brookville Rd. on a daily basis, it is reasonable to expect an increase in traffic congestion for all incoming and outgoing vehicles between the gym and points north (Georgia Avenue / Dale Drive. / Seminary Road / Linden Ln.). This obviously is poses a challenge for everyone who drives through the Brookville Rd. corridor, whether visiting a local business or simply using the road as a convenient cut through.
PLTP and Montgomery County Dept. of Transportation (MCDOT) have provided an official detour map to navigate the bridge closure, linked here: Official Purple Line Detour Maps
Additionally, there is a newly opened traffic easement between Stewart Avenue (a side street off of Brookville Rd.) and Kansas Avenue which will provide an alternate route through the surrounding residential area and provide easier access from East-West Highway / points south of CFSS.
As of now there are time restrictions on the cut-through in the evening and morning; whether or not those will be strictly enforced are yet to be determined. Using this will be the fastest way to get to the gym if you are coming from East-West Hwy., but with so many people needing to use this route it is hard to say how congested it will be.
In addition the official detour map linked above, we’ve attached our own maps with highlighted routes as to the best routes to get to the gym depending on where you are coming from to hopefully mitigate the effects of the bridge closure. To more easily view the attached maps, right click on the image and select “open image in new tab/window”.
bridge closure detour maps
The left image depicts how to get from the gym to/from East-West Highway via Sundale Rd. using the Stewart Ave. easement. The right image depicts how to get to/from the gym from East-West highway via Lyttonsville Rd using the Stewart Ave. easement.
bridge closure detour maps 2
The left image depicts how to get from the gym to/from East-West Highway via Jones Mill Road, Forsythe Ave., and Linden Lane. The right image depicts how to get to/from the gym from East-West highway via 16th St. and 2nd Avenue.

Sunday Yoga Update!

As you all are aware, we offer Yoga classes every Sunday at 930AM with our Yogi extraordinaire, Chad Byron. Previously, these classes were offered as a standalone punch card. In an effort to increase regular attendance and streamline our membership policies, we’ve decided to roll Yoga into the fold of regular offerings to go along with 6AM Kettlebells, CrossFit WODs, and Barbell Club.
What this means is that Yoga is included with your regular monthly membership or punch card and will count towards your total classes in the same way that any other class does, no need for a separate additional Yoga Membership. If you’re interested in adding something new to your weekly routine, or to incorporate some dedicated recovery work on Sundays, grab your mat and your kombucha and come try it out!

New Class Schedule!

Starting next week (5/22), we will be officially adding 430PM WOD classes on Tuesday & Thursday evenings effectively expanding our evening schedule to 430PM WODs Monday – Friday. Additionally, the morning schedule will be modified moving forward as well. The new morning schedule is as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6AM – CrossFit WOD; Tuesday & Thursday at and Saturday at 8AM – Kettlebells. Previously our Kettlebell class ran Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. From a class structure and programming standpoint, there will be no changes, simply a change in the days the classes will be offered.
For those of you who typically go to CrossFit and have never been to a 6AM Kettlebell class, we highly encourage you to try one out and also keep in mind these classes are great substitutes for a normal CrossFit WOD as a change of pace workout option. Kettlebell classes follow a similar structure as CrossFit classes, except that the primary tool utilized is the Kettlebell. We focus heavily on mobility, full body strength work, loaded carries, and simple, effective conditioning finishers- sound familiar? The advantages of this class are many, but a few to focus on are:
– Specialization on a particular tool, leading to deeper understanding and ability with regards to technique
– The low impact nature, restorative nature of kettlebell and bodyweight focused workouts
– The reduction in heavily spinal loading (barbell squats) or compression (deadlifts, heavy overhead work) that factors prominently in CrossFit
– A decreased focus on peak intensity and extended duration conditioning with an eye towards maximum sustainability
Our aim was to provide more background information about one of our other complementary Programs, Kettlebells, and also emphasize that these classes can be mixed and matched interchangeably. Don’t feel any obligation to change your schedule if it now includes any of these classes you aren’t accustomed to; we can easily scale and modify as the need arises. Hope to see you in one of our new class offerings soon!

Sunday Yoga @ CFSS

Let’s face it, CrossFit is a physically demanding training routine. The benefits are significant and undeniable, but high-intensity lifting and conditioning take a toll on your body. In order to keep that high performance engine running smoothly, we need to perform some basic self-maintenance. Self-maintenance also includes working on the areas where you are tight or limited, so that you can move freely through complete ranges of motion on the various movements you perform both inside and outside the gym.
With that in mind, we are excited to announce that starting this Sunday at 930AM, we will be introducing Vinyasa (flow) style Yoga classes to our regular weekly schedule. Classes will be 75-minutes in duration, and are intended and for all experience levels, including beginners. The idea behind this program is to provide a class specifically geared towards recovery, improving flexibility and mobility, and generally aid in improving movement abilities.
Sessions will be taught by our new in-house Yogi and aspiring CrossFitter, Chad Byron. Chad is an RYT-200 yoga instructor who studied multidisciplinary yoga (vinyasa, meditation, breathing exercises, etc.). Chad has been teaching yoga since 2014 at the University of Maryland, as well as studios in Maryland and DC. He loves giving students a gentle tug to leave the workplace in the workplace and just be on the mat so that the more subtle work can get done. Athletes can expect classes catered to their skill and comfort levels. Chad’s classes are full of juicy smiles, cheesy jokes, and plenty of opportunities to play with yoga postures in a mindful way.
Yoga will be offered as a standalone program available to both members and non-members alike. Here are the pricing details-
Member Rates:
Single Session – $15 / 5-session pack – $65 / 10-session pack – $100
Non-Member Rates:
Single Session – $20 / 5-sessions = $85 / 10-sessions – $150
Yoga punch cards will be billed separately from your existing CrossFit memberships; punch cards are valid for 3 months. No RSVP is required for Sunday classes, but we will not allow any late additions to class after 940AM. We encourage you to bring your own Yoga mat, and hope to see you all this Sunday for our first class. Namaste!

2016 Holiday Class Schedule!


Here’s the rundown for the week of New Years, plan accordingly!
Monday 26 December – Closed
Tuesday 27 December – Regular Schedule
Wednesday 28 December – Regular Schedule / 7:45pm Yoga
Thursday 29 December – Regular Schedule
Friday 30 December – Regular Schedule
Saturday 31 December (New Years Eve) – 8:00am WOD / 9:00am WOD / 10:00am Barbell Club
Monday 2 January – Closed

In case we don’t see you- have a wonderful holiday! Rest, recharge, and get yourself ready for a banner year in 2017!


4th of July 2016 Class Schedule

U-S-A! U-S-A! USA! With Independence day rapidly approaching, here’s a heads up on the CFSS 4th of July weekend schedule so you can plan your training accordingly.

Friday 1 July – Normal Schedule
Saturday 2 July – 10AM CrossFit / 11AM Barbell Club
Monday 4 July – 9AM-11AM CFSS Decathalon at B-CC High School Track

Click here for directions to B-CC
Monday’s workout is inspired by a combination of a grade school field day and the decathlon, with 10 varied events testing a broad range of athletic abilities such as speed, coordination, endurance, grip strength, etc. Just like CrossFit, everything we do will be scalable for all ability levels. This will be a fun change of pace workout from our usual lifting and conditioning in the gym while still keeping our usual competitive spirit.
If you are in town on Monday, we highly encourage you to join us at the track and get your workout on prior to the inevitable onslaught of backyard barbecuing and day drinking. Hope to see you all then!

Parking PSA

Hey guys, just wanted to take a minute to formally address the gym parking situation with everyone. The three spots in front of the gym and the first four spots on the driveway adjacent building (on the right if you are facing the gym) are our dedicated parking spots. With that setup, we can accommodate up to 10 cars when we double park cars in front of the gym.
What we DO NOT have are the spots past the first four, or any of the spots on the left side of the driveway. All other additional spots belong to our landlord, InsideOUT Services. Additionally, they need to be able to have access to these spots at all times, including the weekends. This means get here early if you want to park in one of our dedicated spots; if you park in the other spaces, you risking being blocked in until the next day. As a practical aside, you can park in the lower spots on the left side of the driveway where the landscaping trucks normally are parked during the 12PM WOD only.
We all know the parking situation on Garfield Ave can at times be chaotic, and good parking spaces are always at a premium. Ultimately, this means we need everyone to park along the street (Garfield Ave.), space permitting; otherwise, park on Brookeville Rd. where there is ample parking available. Worst case scenario, you have to walk 5 minutes down the hill to the gym as opposed to 30 seconds; remember, the purpose of your visit is to workout so a short walk won’t kill you! However, you definitely are going to want to budget 5-10 extra minutes to make sure you don’t have to do any late burpees! This policy is effective immediately; thank you all for your understanding!