Summer time is here….keep your diet in order?

by: Coach Marcus Taylor
The summertime is here and when everyone starts peeling off layers of clothes to show off their hardwork throughout the winter months it can be difficult to stay on point with your nutrition. All winter long you have made fitness and dietary promises to yourself about getting ready for the summer. You’ve worked hard and made some gains. But the tough part continues to be your diet, which is common because you fool yourself into thinking you can eat crap because of the work you are putting in in the gym. Wrong..wrong…wrong.
Yes, training is important and speaking for myself its a way of life; however, training without the proper diet is like a iPhone without any apps….what’s the point?!?! Training properly is a small (but integral) part of the equation when it comes to overall health. Without the right nutrition you will never reach your true potential. Whether you’re after strength, endurance or aesthetics, nutrition is the biggest piece in the puzzle.
Summer makes it harder than winter to me because you have this constant pressure to be in shape for vacations, cookouts and pool parties where you’ll be wearing tanktops and bathing suits (some people will even turn down invites because they aren’t “summer ready”). BUT when attending these events there are always the worst food combinations for a clean diet…lots of hotdogs and hamburgers with buns, potato and pasta salads, sugary “mystery” drinks that’ll have you making socially awkward/inappropriate comments as well as terrible nutritional choices. You can stay the course if you are smart about it. Here’s the gameplan without being the weird person that requests quinoa burgers.
1) Eat burgers with no bun. It has become more socially acceptable to see people eating burgers without a carby bun. And if you are at a cookout, hopefully there will be some guacamole. Use that guac as a burger condiment for an awesome meal.
2) Eat a hearty salad. If on vacation you’ll have your choice of where and when to eat but at least once a day have a solid salad. If you’re going to someone’s house then bring an extra large portion of your favorite salad for you to share with others.
3) Drink what you bring. Most summer event invites request that you bring some alcoholic beverage so in that case bring something that’s more conducive for YOU. Nothing uber sugary is the key. Tequila with lime juice instead of a margarita OR apple cider instead of a Corona are some options. Stay away from their beer cooler.
Remember to have fun this summer and that some slip ups aren’t that bad…Don’t be weird about your food but don’t slide into a vortex of gluttony either. Stay class Silver Spring!

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