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CrossFit Elements

In Elements, we take the essential movements found in CrossFit, as well as a few useful add-ons, and teach them to you in a controlled, small group environment. This class is the foundation for the rest of your highly effective training career; we’re going learn new skills, drill our technique, and build the fitness base required to take part in regular CrossFit classes.

Upon completion, you should be prepared to enter our group WOD classes. We will predominantly be drilling technique to ensure your safety and success at the next level.

  • At Crossfit Silver Spring, we stress technique, consistency, and intensity.
  • We will start off with basic movements and progress to more complex movements.
  • Each session will build on the last in terms of movements and concepts covered.
  • It is up to you to decide how difficult you want to make these workouts… hard work is mandatory, suffering is optional.

Group Elements are 60 minutes long and are comprised of movement practice, a “Workout of the Day”, and a discussion on nutrition, recovery, and other Crossfit related topics.



Our Kettlebell class is a 3-day per week program comprised of mobility work, full body, kettlebell & bodyweight based progressive strength training, and brief, varied conditioning. Each session typically has a larger focus (squatting, pulling, pushing), with the goal of providing a well rounded training stimulus throughout the course of the week. The conditioning performed will be simple, low impact, and highly effective – large doses of kettlebell work, loaded carries, and bodyweight movements.
This class sounds similar to our CrossFit classes.. because it is! The difference is that we will all be training the same lifts every class, and focusing on them for several weeks at a time to develop proficiency. The conditioning will be bit less technical than your average CrossFit class, and be primarily centered around kettlebell work and carries. EZ Strength is a great class for getting stronger and fitter, using manageable intensity levels and a reduced emphasis on the competitive elements typically found in CrossFit.
If you typically attend CrossFit classes, and find yourself faced with early morning training on M/W/Fri, Kettlebells are a great substitute. However, if you want to optimize your results with this template, we highly encourage you to attend it consistently on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Our primary group training class offers a structure based upon simple, yet effective fundamental movement patterns executed at high intensity. Our programming delivers the most effective broad-based fitness results in the most efficient manner possible.
A daily session includes:

  • Dynamic range-of-motion and movement preparation
  • Core Strength
  • Pre-habilitation
  • Strength and Power Development
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Joint specific flexibility

The goal of our CrossFit program is to develop balanced physical abilities that improve health, performance and daily function: Strength, Endurance, Power, Stamina, Speed, Agility, and Flexibility.



Barbell Club

CrossFit Silver Spring is the home of El Jefe Barbell, one of the premier USA Weightlifting clubs in the DMV. Barbell Club is a Weightlifting / Barbell Strength training class geared towards directly improving your technical proficiency and strength in the Olympic Lifts, Powerlifts, and their derivatives. This means lots of squatting, clean and jerking, snatching, pressing, deadlifting, benching, and more.
Each session will have a specific area of emphasis based upon the needs of the individual and group. Plan on lifting for 90 minutes; there is no dedicated conditioning in Barbell Club outside of carries blended with core work, as the goal is simply to get brutally strong in the most efficient manner possible. This is not a time to make up today’s WOD or horse around. Barbell Club is a great adjunct to CrossFit and your general fitness and body composition goals.

Personal Training

CrossFit Silver Spring offers personal training for all different types of clients with various needs and goals. We also offer private small group training sessions, so you can train with friends and family for a reduced price per client.

There are a number of possible reasons for choosing personal training over other options such as small group classes.


Personal training is the best choice when:

  • Your goals are very specific, such as preparing for a particular competitive event
  • You’re significantly overweight
  • You have no previous exercise experience and have been largely sedentary
  • You have considerable orthopedic problems or injuries
  • You prefer or require the privacy, personal attention and additional accountability of one-on-one training

All of our coaches are available for personal training; please contact us individually for availability and pricing.


Josh Dempsey


Marcos Hernandez




CrossFit Silver Spring hosts weekly Vinyasa style (flow) Yoga classes every Sunday at 930AM. Classes last 75-minutes, and are intended and for all experience levels, including beginners. The purpose of this program is to provide a class specifically geared towards recovery, improving flexibility and mobility, and generally aid in improving movement abilities.


CrossFit Elements

1 Month | 8 private classes | Unlimited membership after class #4


2.5 Classes per week / 10 Classes per month

Monthly membership – $165/month
6-month membership – $155/month


3 Classes per week / 12 Classes per month

Monthly membership – $185/month
6-month membership – $175/month

Unlimited classes (up to 6 days/week)

Monthly membership –  $215/month
6-month membership – $205/month

10-Class Punch Card

CrossFit: $175, valid for 3-months
Barbell Only: $125, valid for 3-months

Barbell Club

2 classes per week
6-month membership – $88/month
Monthly membership –  $96/month
3 classes per week
6-month membership – $120/month
Monthly membership –  $132/month


Non-Member Rates:
Single Session – $20
5-sessions = $80
10-sessions – $125
All Yoga punch cards are valid for 3-months

*There is a 10% discount for Active and Reserve Duty Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Fighters & EMTs, Teachers, Students, and Couples