New Class Schedule!

Starting next week (5/22), we will be officially adding 430PM WOD classes on Tuesday & Thursday evenings effectively expanding our evening schedule to 430PM WODs Monday – Friday. Additionally, the morning schedule will be modified moving forward as well. The new morning schedule is as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6AM – CrossFit WOD; Tuesday & Thursday at and Saturday at 8AM – Kettlebells. Previously our Kettlebell class ran Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. From a class structure and programming standpoint, there will be no changes, simply a change in the days the classes will be offered.
For those of you who typically go to CrossFit and have never been to a 6AM Kettlebell class, we highly encourage you to try one out and also keep in mind these classes are great substitutes for a normal CrossFit WOD as a change of pace workout option. Kettlebell classes follow a similar structure as CrossFit classes, except that the primary tool utilized is the Kettlebell. We focus heavily on mobility, full body strength work, loaded carries, and simple, effective conditioning finishers- sound familiar? The advantages of this class are many, but a few to focus on are:
– Specialization on a particular tool, leading to deeper understanding and ability with regards to technique
– The low impact nature, restorative nature of kettlebell and bodyweight focused workouts
– The reduction in heavily spinal loading (barbell squats) or compression (deadlifts, heavy overhead work) that factors prominently in CrossFit
– A decreased focus on peak intensity and extended duration conditioning with an eye towards maximum sustainability
Our aim was to provide more background information about one of our other complementary Programs, Kettlebells, and also emphasize that these classes can be mixed and matched interchangeably. Don’t feel any obligation to change your schedule if it now includes any of these classes you aren’t accustomed to; we can easily scale and modify as the need arises. Hope to see you in one of our new class offerings soon!

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