Keep Training from Being a Pain in the Back!

Are you frustrated with nagging low back pain that is limiting your training and constantly forcing you to modify your workout?
YOU have the capability of training fully without pain and limitations. Low back pain has no place in your training and may be limiting your performance.
Dr. Alex Immermann and Dr. Zachary Cohen are Performance Physical Therapists at Cohen Health and Performance. They have treated many of the world’s greatest athletes and would like to teach you about the root causes of your pain and most importantly what you can do about it. This FREE workshop is essential to address your current pain, prevent it from re-occurring, and improve your performance so that you can keep setting new PR’s.
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In this FREE workshop you will learn:
-The source of your lower back pain
-The underlying cause why this pain is occuring
-Activities that you can do to address it and prevent it from reoccuring in the future
Furthermore, Dr. Immermann and Dr. Cohen will be offering FREE physical therapy consultations to all attendees of this workshop. Come take advantage of this incredible opportunity to discover what is causing your pain, how it is negatively impacting your training and learn what you can do about it!

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