June Kettlebell Swing Challenge!

Starting tomorrow, June 1st, we’ll be performing a month long “extra credit” challenge of 50 Kettlebell Swings a day. This challenge is great for improving grip strength, work capacity, swing efficiency, and strengthening the posterior chain (butt to low-back). Additionally, short term challenges are highly effective at keeping you motivated and improving a specific area of your fitness, while still having a clear end-point in sight.
Here’s the specifics: This challenge is intended to be done every time you come in to the gym to workout, either before or after your workout (we recommend after). You must complete the swings in 1 continuous, unbroken set. The goal is to use the heaviest bell you can manage on that given day for 50 reps, while maintaining sound technique and achieving a full range of motion (chest height swing). The weight you use can change day by day, but make sure it always appropriately challenging. Give yourself a daily “minimum”, referring to the lightest load you can use, and scale up from there based on your fatigue level. For example, my minimum is 24kg, but if I am feeling good I may use the 28kg or 32kg instead.
If you want to get fitter and tighten up those buns at the same time, the challenge begins tomorrow. Lookout for a challenge tracking sheet on the whiteboard for you to mark your progress throughout the month!

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