Drop It Like a Squat!

Are you frustrated by your limitations when squatting? Have you been stuck working on the same things over and over again but gotten no-where?
Good news! We have helped many people just like you bury their squats!
Dr. Alex Immermann and Dr. Zachary Cohen are Performance Physical Therapists at Cohen Health and Performance. They have helped many of the worlds greatest athletes, crossfitters, powerlifters and weight lifters get out of pain and back to performing at the highest level. This FREE workshop is essential to identify your limitations in the squat and learn what you can do to address them!
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In this FREE workshop you will learn:
-What your limitations are in the squat
-Why these limitations may be occurring
-Activities that you can do RIGHT NOW to address them!
Furthermore, Dr. Immermann and Dr. Cohen will be offering FREE consultations to all attendees of this workshop. Come take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

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