Don’t Be That Guy (or Gal)

don't be that guy
The overwhelming majority of folks that I work with have the exact same goals. These goals boil down to the following:
– Feel better
– Look better naked (lose body fat, build muscle)
– Get in shape (round is a shape too) / get stronger / fitter / more athletic
With that in mind, the approaches people take to reach these goals tend to vary dramatically. Unfortunately, vigorous misguided effort and lack of effort tend to produce equally poor outcomes.
Don’t’ be that guy/gal depicted in the pyramid above. Repeat after me: I will not attempt to out train a bad diet.
We all have that friend who is just naturally built to be a runner – ideal body type, athletic make-up, etc. We see this person and naturally draw (incorrect) conclusions about the reasons they look the way they do. Sadly, if you are short, stocky, and also have wide hips, running will not magically make you tall, svelte, and graceful. Do not assign causation to your observations; i.e. Kathy has a great body and is a runner, she must look like that because she runs! Therefore, if I run, then I will look like Kathy too!
WRONG! Promise me you will start putting your effort into your nutrition and sleep habits (delayed gratification) instead of that extra spin class (instant gratification). Focus on driving up your deadlift, squat, and pull up numbers, and I guarantee your body composition and figure will also improve. Stop wasting your time chasing fatigue and start focusing on the essential underpinnings of good health.

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