CFSS Beer Mile 2.0

Save the Date! Next Friday (11/17) at 6PM we’ll be hosting the 2nd Annual CFSS Beer Mile to benefit Cupid’s Undie Run and The Children’s Tumor Foundation. What is a beer mile you ask? Begin by chugging a beer, then run 400 meters, repeat for 4 rounds and you’re done! The beer must be above 5% ABV. We’ll be providing all the beer for the event; there will be alternatives to beer for anybody who doesn’t drink beer but still wants to participate, and you can also perform the run in teams of 2 if you aren’t ready for the real deal.
There is a $10 entry fee for all participants; all proceeds will benefit Cupid’s Undie Run and Team CFSS. If you aren’t familiar with Cupids yet you soon will- it’s our big gym charity event that we participate in annually every February. Team CFSS raised over $18,000 last year for Cupid’s Undie Run, ranking in the top 25 Nationally and was also named #1 Gym Fundraiser in Washington, DC. This event is the kickoff for our fundraising season, and a highly entertaining event to spectate and partake in!
If you are on the fence about participating, we’ll definitely need judges/volunteers or you simply come and cheer people on and drink beer (minus the running)! Bring friends and family, the more the merrier. We appreciate any and all donations to this great cause, regardless of whether or not you perform the run. We will be doing a prize raffle for everyone that does the run or donates as an added incentive to attend. While beer will be provided for the Beer Mile itself, all other drinking will be BYOB.
Right now, Cori M. has the top women’s time of 9:57 and Marcos has set the bar for the men at 9:25. There will be prizes for the fastest guy, gal, and team finisher. If you plan on getting on the record board, just know the workout must be performed with beer (and you’ve gotta keep it down, at least during the run!). If you are going to participate, please sign up so we can get a rough head count and make sure there is enough beer for the event. Bring your running shoes and an empty stomach!
Lastly, here’s the link to photos from last year and a great video documenting the run for a little added motivation!
*We will still have an evening WOD on Friday at 430PM prior to the beer mile

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