6 November WOD Demo!



October Training Highlights!


Some nice deadlifts, axle deadlifts, and fun with snatches! Enjoy!


New CFSS Shirts!!

matias and ben new cfss shirts

Hot off the presses, new CFSS shirts are back in stock! If you didn’t know, our shirts are proven to add kilos to your lifts, decrease your mile time, help you jump higher, increase your IQ, and the list goes on.. get em while they last!


Lukas PR Back Squat!


Heavy, high-rep squats: the cure to whatever ails ya’!


4 Weeks Out!



Heavy Saturday training in preparation for the Hookgrip classic in Philly on 4 October, Enjoy!


5 Weeks Out!


Highlights from last weekends Barbell Club training session, enjoy!


Wendler PR’s & August Weightlifting Highlights!



Great job guys, looking forward to another round of big PR’s after our next strength cycle!


Barbell Club August Training Highlights!



Huge PR’s across the board, ENJOY!


El Jefe Barbell July and August Training Highlights





June Barbell Club Highlights!