9 Apr 12

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Take a second and consider for a second how many different pairs of shoes you own for various types of activities. Now, also consider how often you wear each of them. You spend anywhere from 2-5+ hours every week training, it’s time to take your footwear a bit more seriously. If you think that any type of athletic shoe qualifies as a good “gym shoe” then you are mistaken. Not even getting into the realm of athletic shoes, I want to specifically discuss weightlifting shoes. Unlike a hack golfer buying expensive golf clubs and still sucking, weightlifting shoes are the rare piece of sports equipment that will have a huge impact on your performance. Wanna add 10-20+ lbs to all of your barbell lifts in a day? Go and invest in a pair of weightlifting shoes for use in the gym, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. The solid, raised wooden or plastic heel provides a very stable, non-compressible base on which to lift from. Also, unlike your old running shoes, you will never wear out or need to replace these shoes.
Check out RogueFitness.com or AgainFaster.com for some quality options, or talk to me at the gym next time you come in for class.
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EZ Strength 2.0
On the Minute for 12 minutes:
2 Power Snatches

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