6 July 12

RKC in the Books! New Goals and Training
Now that I have completed the requirements for the RKC, I am transitioning my goals and training to center around the Easy Strength Throwdown at Crossfit Silver Spring July 28th. It feels nice to pick up something other than a kettlebell. My current goals are a 2x bodyweight Deadlift and bodyweight Press for doubles, 25-30 strict pull ups, 150 to 200 swings in 5 minutes, and surviving the mile run.
How am I approaching this? I am keeping the goal the goal. All my training is based around reaching these milestones.
Day 1: Barbell Press, Weighted Fat Grip Pull Ups, push ups and heavy kettlebell bent over rows sub max
Day 2: Swing conditioning ( a certain amount of swings on the minute for 10 minutes) I vary between 36kg and 24 kg.
Day 3: Deadlifts and Regular Fat Grip Pull Ups (Sub max), weighted push ups and bent over rows sub max
Day 4: Swings, loaded carries, turkish get ups. Kind of a “fun day”
Notice I have no running day. I don’t run to get in shape I get in shape to run. I figure if I can bang out 150 to 200 swings in 5 minutes I can muster up a decent mile time. There you have it: Boring but consistent training aimed at progressing in a linear fashion will trump more exotic or random acts of exercise. Remember: Training or getting stronger or having a goal is a pursuit. The end result should not matter as much as the pursuit. Get some goals, prioritize your training and pursue!
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