4 Apr 12

Cool Down?
Watch today’s video from Mobility WOD on the importance of cooling down after an workout or lifting session. Here’s the main takeways:
-You have an opportunity after training to affect your recovery speed and quality by properly cooling down
-Your muscles are getting stiff after training. This is the perfect time to perform static stretching in order to improve and maintain muscle tissue length
-Don’t hit a workout then immediately sit down or become inactive, do some light walking, jogging, etc. to maintain blood flow and stay loose
-Invest time in cooling down like you do for warming up and you will make much great mobility gains and feel better both after your workouts and the following days
Mobility WOD – Adaptation Error: No Cool Down
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EZ Strength 2.0
Overhead Squats
10 minutes:
Work up to a heavy Turkish Get Up
In 5 minutes as a team, push the butcher sled as far as possible

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