30 July 12

Thanks to everyone who made the Throwdown an amazing success; congrats to everyone for working hard and hitting big PR’s!
Some things I think I think:
1. In-house competitions are awesome; the camaraderie, energy, shared purpose, whatever you want to call it, was palpable and hard to describe unless you were there in person
2. Competition inspires performances not otherwise possible in the gym. Seize these opportunities to truly test your abilities
3. You now have performance baselines to use as measuring sticks for your training and for future Throwdowns
4. I loved The diversity of athletes who came out with regards to age, experience, and ability level. These were movements that everyone was able to do at weights and intensity levels that were self-limiting and relative to the individual
5. If you give it your all in a competition, like the one we did on Saturday, you are fully within your right to drink like an Irish sailor and eat like a pregnant woman for the next 24 hours before getting back to business. Just sayin’
6. We need to think of an entertaining +1 challenge in the event of a tie
7. We should do these things more often
Athleticism, my view
Supplement Recommendations
Highlight: Women’s 53kg (117 lbs) Medal Ceremony


EZ Strength 2.0
5 Rounds
15 Parallel Bar Dips
1 Lap Butcher Sled Push
Rest 1 minute b/t rounds

Category: WOD