3 November 16


Attention: No 12PM class this Friday (11/4), regular schedule otherwise!

Defend Our Air: Vote Our Planet (Video)
10 Charts to Show You Why You Probably Do Have the Time and Money to Eat Real Food
No-Bake Cherry Pumpkin Seed Bars



LI Strength:

Push Press 4×6

LI Conditioning:

AMRAP 8 Minutes:
1 SA Kettlebell Swing, L/R
1 KB Clean & Push Press, L/R
2x Air Squat
-Every round, add 1 rep to each movement-

LII Strength:

Push Jerk

LII Conditioning:

AMRAP 8 minutes:
2 Ball Slam
2 Box Jump Over
2 Sandbag Shoulder, (L+R)
-Add 2 reps to each movement every round-
Rx: M – 35#/60# | F – 25#/40#

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