28 September 12

The Prisoner Workout
Let’s face it: sometimes things get a little crazy in our professional / personal lives. Looming project deadlines, tax season, and hectic travel schedules are all making it extremely difficult for you to consistently make it in to the gym. What should you do?
First, recognize that these things happen and it’s not the end of the world. If you are training regularly (and hard), consider this an unplanned, but probably needed, de-loading period. Also, for some of you, this may have all been on your calendar for months in advance. If you know about upcoming disruptions to your training schedule, plan accordingly and get in your most challenging lifting phase in the preceding weeks or months.
While you’re in the midst of these schedule interruptions, what do we do? If you are fortunate enough to be home, simply come to the gym! If you are on the road, but have access to a gym then ask yourself the following: if you were a prisoner of war and had 15 minutes a day to workout, what would you do? Whatever you answer is what you need to be doing when training time is scarce. Think front squats, swings, get-ups, pressing variations, and carries. Keep it simple, stupid.
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EZ Strength 2.0
AMRAP 10 minutes:
7 Ring Rows
7 Dips (ring or parallel bars)
21 Double Unders

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