21 Mar 12

Congrats to Colin and Veronica on their beautiful baby boy, Matias!
“Eat your push ups and pull ups for breakfast” – Zach Even Esh
What am I talking about? It is essential that you develop proficiency in these two basic bodyweight strength exercises. Do I want to improve your deadlift, squat, press, clean, etc.? Yes. But these two overlooked old school strength moves are hallmarks of good athletes everywhere.
Don’t worry about kipping pull ups, or ring dips, muscle ups, or weighted versions of any of these movements if you can’t slam out tons of push ups and pull ups first. Both of these exercises fall into the category of stuff you can do pretty much every single day with little to no impact on the rest of your training. If you suck at either or both of these, then practice them every day. Do 20 push ups in the morning before you shower. Throw pull ups into your warm up at the gym, do push ups before bed, etc.
Guys, you should be shooting for 10 strict pull ups and 40+ push ups. Ladies, 2-5 pull ups and 15-20 push ups from your toes are some good levels to chase. I guarantee everything else you do in the gym will improve as a result.

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Old Time Strongmen Kettlebell Juggling


EZ Strength 2.0
Split Jerks / Get Ups
4 Minutes:
Max Thrusters @ 115 / 75 lbs

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