2019 CrossFit Games Open

It’s that time of year again! The CrossFit Games season officially kicks off next week with the start of the CrossFit Open. The Open is an online competition hosted by Crossfit HQ. Each week, for 5 weeks, a new workout is released online that can be performed anywhere so long as a judge is present to count reps and validate the athletes score. Workouts are released Thursday evening and all scores must be submitted by the following Monday evening for them to count. The Open is a great way to test your fitness, measure your performance against yourself and others, and step outside your comfort zone surrounded by friends.
CrossFit Silver Spring will host the Open workouts for the 7th year in a row. We will perform the workouts here at the gym every Saturday morning from 9AM-11AM, starting Saturday, February 23. Everyone can compete and we are encouraging everyone to participate, so long as their schedule allows. We had a great crowd last year and are hoping to have even more people come out to compete and show support! The atmosphere is electric and everyone really needs to experience it for themselves.
Crossfit HQ offers both scaled and masters divisions in order to make the Open inclusive to every athlete, not just those with higher competitive aspirations. All RX’ed scores will be ranked above Scaled scores but everyone is able to compete against the CrossFit community as a whole. What this means for you, the competitive and recreational CrossFitter alike is: THERE IS NO REASON FOR YOU NOT TO SIGN UP!!
Here’s the link: CrossFit Games Open registration
Make sure you enter Crossfit Silver Spring as your affiliate. It’s going to be a great time, don’t miss out!

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