2018 Thanksgiving Schedule

With Thankgsiving fast approaching, here’s the schedule for classes next week so you can plan your workouts accordingly. We’ll be performing a special benchmark lifting workout on Saturday (11/24), The CrossFit Silver Spring Total, for those of you who will be in town for the holiday. The CFSS Total is comprised of 3 attempts to hit a daily max Front Squat, Push Press, and Deadlift and hopefully set some new records in the process! In the meantime, be sure to go for new turkey, mashed potato, & pumpkin pie consumption PR’s, as well as ample naps to prepare yourself for success!
Thanksgiving Week Schedule:

Wednesday 11/21: No 630PM WOD

Thursday 11/22: Closed

Friday 11/23: Closed

Saturday 11/24: No 8AM WOD | 9-11AM “CrossFit Silver Spring Total” | No Barbell Club!


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