2018 Spring Throwdown Recap!

By: Marcos Hernandez

For everyone who missed out on the Spring Throwdown this year: We’re sorry. Sure, whatever you had to do instead was probably important. Hell, it might have even been life-altering. But the knowledge that you missed CrossFit Silver Spring’s first ever Partner Throwdown has got to pull at the old heartstrings. Just a bit.
The Throwdown this past weekend was the gym’s second fundraising event of the year and a big thank you is extended to all the teams who donated money! As a group we were able to raise $500 for Puppies Behind Bars and the money has already been donated. Now, you can feel good about all the hard work you put in. Unless you won, in which case you feel good already. The two winning teams were, on the women’s side: Buck Furpees! (Lynn Blubaugh and Mallory Band) and on the men’s side: Team Guy & Joe (creative, right? If you can’t figure that one out we have bigger problems to address).
The day started out with Cardio is Hardio. The name says it all: Running, burpees, rowing… it was a blast. Workout 2, Raise the Bar, saw the athletes finding either their max overhead squat or three-rep thruster, followed immediately by as many thrusters as they could manage in five minutes. If anyone reading this felt their legs the next day, or two days, or three… this is why. The athletes killed it! Quality transitions, clean reps, A+ effort. All of the things that bring a tear to a coaches eye. Balls to the Wall had, you guessed it, Wall Balls (for Rx) or Ball Slams (for Scaled). Rx took about ten minutes but some of the Scaled teams completed the workout so fast that the coaches made them do another round! Brutal stuff and let’s all count ourselves lucky that the athletes took the added work in stride. Part of them must have known there was no way they would gert off so easily. Come to think of it, the last workout, Tough Sledding, could also have contributed to some leg soreness. Maybe. After some synchronized bodyweight work, Toes to Bar and Pull Ups for Rx and Sit Ups for Scaled, the athletes had to make their way outside to where the sleds sat waiting to be pushed by the Rx teams. Scaled teams had to carry and if any of you felt some soreness in your upper back this is what it was from.
All told, after the four workouts ended, we had spent over 4 hours working out! Sure, there was some rest during the other heats but the fact that all of the teams were able to grit their teeth and push to the end says volumes about each and every one of them. One thing must be said about the rest intervals, specifically about the choice of snack from some athletes. For the most part everyone chose to bring quality foods that enhanced their recovery between workouts. One of the athletes (don’t want to name any names) must have the stomach of a goat because he was able to eat yogurt between workouts and, miraculously, keep it down! Kudos to them for having the intestinal fortitude to do what no mere mortal could have done.
In case anyone was wondering about who rounded out the top three:
#2 Women: Buns & Guns (Katie Weddle and Yomery Espinal)
#3 Women: Sassquats (Rachel Fronapfel and Amanda Boyce)
#2 Men: Lotta Meat (Ian Velinsky and Vittorio Scioli)
#3 Men: Flexual Healing (Everett Kimball and Zach Cohen from Cohen Health and Performance)
Again, great job to everyone that came out and if you couldn’t make it, be sure to keep the calendar clear for next time!

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