16 Feb 12

Craig and I are down in Florida for an Olympic Weightlifting Training Camp for the duration of the week. With the first amazing day in the books, its got me thinking about the life of an elite athlete compared to the life of the average CrossFit or recreational athlete.
All things being equal (genetics, access to training facilities, coaching, etc.), far and away the biggest difference I see separating the elite performer and the rest of us is stress. And by stress, I mean being a competitive athlete simply isn’t stressful in the way that being a real person is stressful.
Do they physically train harder than us? Exponentially so. But when your life is centered around training, eating, sleeping, recovering, and competing, things are different. You aren’t wasting emotional energy on how your are going to meet such and such deadline at work, pay the rent, etc., etc. Your focus is narrowed, and centered around things that aren’t environmental stressors (traffic, pollution, bright lights, sound pollution) or everyday issues that normal people deal with.
I don’t want to belittle the effort and focus that goes into being a professional athlete, but if you have the physical gifts to be at the pinnacle of your chosen sport, and you don’t have a full time job or family obligations, the fact you aren’t dominating your peers is baffling to me.
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3 Position Cleans (high hang, mid thigh, below the knees)
2 minutes, Max Double Unders
‘Mini Cindy’
10 minutes:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats
1 minute, Max Double Unders

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