14 May 14

riz hang cln

CFSS Spring Throwdown: Sunday 18 May @ 10am. 4 mini workouts to push yourself, kick ass, and get the competitive juices flowing. What are you waiting for, sign up!

Behdad Salimi 232kg Power Clean & Jerk (Video)
How To Keep Your Poop Where It Belongs
Soft & Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies


LI Strength:
EZ Strength 2.0
LI Conditioning:
AMRAP 12 minutes:
8 Lunges / leg (alternating)
20 Hand to hand KB Swings
Farmers Carry (fence + back)
LII Strength:
SA Dumbbell Push Jerk
LII Conditioning:
Every 2 minutes, complete the following:
3 Front Squats @ BWT
6 Pull Ups (strict)
12 Push Ups
Repeat for 6 rounds

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