14 May 12

Trey Shield in Argentina!
Here’s my take on the top 5 movements question:
Deadlifts: Bulletproof your back, legs, and entire posterior chain with this hip hinge. Learn how to do it with bars, ‘bells, sandbags, rocks, people, and other odd objects. Death, taxes, and picking stuff off the ground.
Pull Ups: A great indicator of overall upper body strength and shoulder mobility. You can do this movement anywhere, and from a longevity standpoint, we never want to lose the ability to pull ourselves up off the ground or over some sort of obstacle.
Squats: Goblet, front, back, double kettlebell, or plain old bodyweight works just fine. Maintaining your hip, knee, and ankle mobility will directly correlate to your quality of life as you age. Essential to both athletic performance in any sport or physical pursuit, and injury risk reduction and prevention. If I could only perform 2, it would be squats and deadlifts, in that order.
Kettlebell Swings: Probably the best, all-purpose ballistic movement you can perform. Teaches and reinforces the hip hinge pattern, requires a high degree of motor recruitment and coordination, and conditions the grip and posterior chain very effectively. Has the added benefit of not being overly taxing physically, so you can perform them everyday if you wanted to.
Loaded Carries: The answer to your question: what about your ‘core’? Carry something heavy in your hands, over your head, on your shoulders or chest, etc. Learn how to dynamically stabilize your trunk, breathe under load, and develop ‘farmer strength’. Probably the best example of something that is simple, not easy.
What are your 5 essential movements?
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